Creative Pick: Chrissylynn Photography, Snap! the Everyday Beautiful

Snap! the Everyday Beautiful.

Fashion and lifestyle photography looks fun and glamorous. It is easy to be mesmerized with the beautiful pictures. These days, with the advancement of smartphone cameras, everyone thinks they can be a photographer. Contrary to popular belief, fashion and lifestyle photography is not just taking candid shots. It still calls for professional finesse to capture the colorful story, character, emotion and mood. If you are one of the young and aspiring photographers, pursuing a photography career or want to snap good quality pictures, go and brush up your skills and experience, or get some insights with our Creative Pick, Chrissy Lynn on her journey as a commercial photographer. What you must read to become more awesome as Chrissy shares some useful tips on how to break into commercial photography.

A commercial lifestyle, fashion and portrait photographer, Chrissy Lynn is recognized for her light, authentic imagery, her creative candor and insightful collaborations. An identical twin, Chrissy Lynn is a natural-born collaborator. She holds a MFA in Photography and teaches a few photo workshops each year. Her studio is located in San Francisco and she is available for assignments worldwide.

Take a look at some of our favorites by Chrissy – breathtaking and blissful shots.

Free your mindpickmytemplates chrissylynn 09d22c27612451.56367e437e35d
pickmytemplates chrissylynn ff7bce27612451.56367e439a7a7 pickmytemplates chrissylynn 51924627612451.5636a999c8d8d
Memory of a songpickmytemplates chrissylynn bb1b2122495311.5631397dc88a2pickmytemplates chrissylynn dc051522495311.5635a045f128e copy
pinkpickmytemplates chrissylynn 58534633077173.569eefad1b2a3
shipwreckedpickmytemplates chrissylynn efd27726788983.56362a6597cc4 pickmytemplates chrissylynn e62e3326788983.5635a7b2cd546pickmytemplates chrissylynn 52cc2b26788983.5635a7b29c665

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty in the pictures on Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Behance

Creative Pick: Chrissylynn Photography, Snap! the Everyday Beautiful

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